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Travel Tips


The highest tourist season of Cusco is from June to August, which coincides with the dry season, and this is the best time to visit Cusco and to make different excursion like Inca Trail, river rafting and others. The disadvantage is that during this season the costs of services are higher.

The travelers visit the Cusco all year round and the humid months are from December to April and make the walks difficult.

But we have sun all year round.


The height in which the city of Cusco is located, causes that in some cases some people do not adapt easily and have problems as a consequence of the shortage of oxygen such as headache and dizziness which is known as altitude sickness or soroche and for some people it takes some days to adapt.

We recommend that you immediately get to Cusco to rest a couple of hours and also drink coca tea

Services contract

Expect people waiting for our arrival at the city at airports, bus and train stations, to offer lodging places, excursions, etc. If you decide to accept some service of these people be very careful when making a deal, you should never pay for accommodation in advance, you must do it when you arrive at the hotel or hostel and to contract services of excursions make them in their corresponding offices.

Always request a proof of payment in which the detailed service and the address with name of the establishment.


Lately the communications service has improved substantially. The central post office serves from 9:00 a.m. to 20:00 hrs, from Monday to Friday. At weekends they attend half a day. Also existent mail box in several commercial establishments around the main square

As for the internet access in Cusco has many public booths called cybercafés that are open until 10 p.m


Cusco is a very safe city, the visitor must take the appropriate precautions as everywhere in the world. Do not carry more money than you can use occasionally, it is better that all valuables including passports, jewelry and money are left in the safe deposit boxes offered by hotels. Photographic and video cameras as well as bags and backpacks must be held by the man and carried forward.


In Cusco the cost for taxi service is according to the distance for example in the city is between 5 to 8 soles, for the periphery the amount is greater.

For prudence, do not request and do not accept lodging recommendations for taxi drivers.


Foreign currency is easier to change to national currency (soles).

The American dollars is a currency most known and accepted in most businesses in the city of Cusco so you will not have problems using them.


The most accepted credit cards are VISA AND MASTERCARD. American Express and Diners cards are accepted on a smaller scale, when you have your excursions it is preferable to have cash.

In Cusco it is easy to find ATMs, these almost admit all the credit cards and you can have cash 24 hours, ask your bank for the list of banks that accept their cards.